Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Easiest Decision the Tigers have in 2013

This is my first post in a while. I wish my comeback post would be a revolutionary opus that would change the way humanfolk view the world.  Instead, I am arguing for something that should seem self-evident to a reasonable thinker (though hosts and callers on 97.1 The Ticket disagree). Simple language time: Jhonny Peralta's option should be picked up for 2013.

JHondo is owed $6MM with a 500k buyout, so the Tigers should consider the option a $5.5MM option.  Before we even consider what $5.5MM should buy you, let's consider what you can expect out of Peralta. JHondo is currently sitting at a 100 wRC+ (which is perfectly league average). His fWAR is tied for 7th among ALL MLB SS.  JHondo's career stats match what one would hope...100 wRC+ and 101 OPS+.  In an ideal scenario, JHondo is among the top 5-8 SS in the MLB.  At worst, he is an above average SS.

So, worst case scenario, would you pay $5.5MM for an above average SS? Of course you would!

Now, on the open market, what can you expect out of $5.5MM? Well, even if you buy only one win with those millions, you would still be considered a winner.  Peralta meanwhile is averaging almost 3 wins per year since becoming a Tiger.  At that rate, the $5.5MM option is even more of a no-brainer than previously expected.

There is no grand revelation at this end of this post. I wish there were. But, simply put, if you did not think Peralta's 2013 option should be picked up, I hope you do now.  If you still think Peralta SUCKS, you may have contracted stat STD's from an unreasonable person, causing you to think RBI, Runs, Wins, and RISP stats are of the utmost importance. If so, consult a doctor. Preferably a sabre-friendly one.

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